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Limbo, Inside launch on Nintendo Switch next week

Here's the low down.

The critically-acclaimed Limbo and Inside will both launch for Nintendo Switch next week on Thursday 28th June.

Danish studio Playdead's pair of acclaimed puzzle adventures are, of course, already available on various other platforms although this is the first time either has launched for a Nintendo console.

If you haven't played either game yet and own a Switch, there now really is no excuse.

Creepy monochrome platform puzzler Limbo first launched for Xbox 360 all the way back in 2010 - just to make you feel old. It blended atmospheric film noir visuals and physics-based gameplay into one of the finest and celebrated indie games of its generation.

Six years later, Playdead released Inside, Limbo's spiritual successor, and somehow lived up to the enormous levels of expectation which came with it.

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We're still waiting to hear word of pricing for both.