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Limbo job ad suggests iPhone, iPad and Android ports

Dev: "we don't have any official announcement on this at the moment."

A new job advert suggests downloadable darling Limbo will launch on iPhone, iPad and Android.

Danish developer Playdead is looking for a programmer to port "our games for new platforms".

"We have already released a game on X360, PS3, Windows, OSX and OnLive," the ad reads, "and we are continuously investigating other possible platforms.

"We are currently investigating following new platforms; iOS, Win8, Android, NACL and other platforms could become relevant as well."

Enchanting black and white platform/puzzle game Limbo launched first on Xbox Live Arcade, then on PC and PlayStation Network.

Is it now set for mobile and tablet devices?

"Sorry but we don't have any official announcement on this at the moment," Playdead co-founder Dino Patti told Eurogamer this morning.

Playdead is current hard at work on its next game, built using the Unity game engine.

In October 2011 Patti told Eurogamer Playdead's secret "project two" is "more weird" than Limbo, and "more 3D than you would think".

Oh, and it's in colour.

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