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Lego super sleuths are working out the next Lego Dimensions characters

Harry Potter! A-Team! Knight Rider?

A team of Lego enthusiasts are uncovering hints to unannounced Lego Dimensions sets via a coding quirk of

Fans have turned up evidence that franchises such as Harry Potter and the A-Team will soon join the Lego Dimensions universe (thanks, Minifigpriceguide and FamilyGamerTV.

Changing the URL of's product pages can identify upcoming characters. Pop in their initials and if correct you'll get a URL with the unannounced set's product number.

Initials linked to upcoming products include HP (almost certainly Harry Potter), AT and MrT (A-Team and Mr. T), and KR (which fans speculate may refer to Knight Rider).

Other initials include MI (Mission Impossible? Monkey Island?), FB (possibly the upcoming Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts) and ET (ET).

Lego Dimensions already has four waves of announced add-ons, which will see the toys-to-life title through until late spring next year.

But developer TT Games recently told Eurogamer that it had plans for at least three years of support for the game - which undoubtedly means a lot more figures for parents to buy.

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