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Learn more about Overwatch 2's Kiriko with this charming new animated short

"Discover the two sides of Kiriko, the loving daughter and the deadly protector."

Blizzard has shared a new animated short for one of Overwatch's latest recruits, Kiriko.

The nine-minute video - which debuted at TwitchCon earlier today - introduces us to the game's newest healer, giving us a peek into the origins of this "loving daughter and deadly protector".

Overwatch 2 Animated Short | “Kiriko”Watch on YouTube

"The protector of Kanezaka strikes again. Discover the two sides of Kiriko, the loving daughter and the deadly protector," is all that the video description gives away. You can watch the full animated short in the embedded video above.

"Overwatch 2 is overwhelmingly Overwatch," Bertie recently surmised for us after spending some time with the highly-anticipated sequel.

"It's the same conclusion Edwin Evans-Thirlwell came to in a quick impressions piece published this week while he works on his full review. And it's hard not to agree with him."

"Spend an hour with it and, tuned-up visuals notwithstanding, you might struggle to notice any difference [between Overwatch 2 and its predecessor] beyond the charmless new monetisation elements," Edwin says.

"There's the same delightful range of MOBA-ish abilities, the same awkward pivot between cultural archetype and dodgy stereotype in the character and cosmetic design, the same sunny ambience and brilliant tactical audio, and the same rousing premise of corpo-progressive Pixar Avengers murdering each other for possession of small wagons and courtyards."

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