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Latest Zelda Tears of the Kingdom patch removes duplication glitches

Though a newly-discovered one remains for now.

Image credit: Nintendo

The latest 1.2.0 patch for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has removed item duplication glitches previously discovered by the community.

The update, which became available yesterday, fixes issues relating to certain quests and various other bugs but unfortunately also prevents players from being able to make money quickly.

The methods previously reported on Eurogamer, one using thrown weapons and another using frozen meat, now do not work in version 1.2.0 of the game. I've tested this myself, and am grateful I already cashed in 40k before I updated my version.

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Other glitches found by the Zelda community are likely to have been patched out too. Players have reported that the glitch which involves shooting items at Tobio's Hollow Chasm no longer works in 1.2.0.

A new glitch is now circulating the community, which essentially gives you infinite items to sell to Beedle. The first instance I've found of it is from YouTube channel One-Of-Three, who uploaded a video guide yesterday. Their glitch works in version 1.1.2 and 1.2.0, which I've tested and can confirm, and while it can be fiddly to pull off, once you know what you're doing it's not too difficult.

How to duplicate items to sell to Beedle in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.Watch on YouTube

If you want a video guide, then you can watch One-Of-Three's video embedded above. For a text version, here's how to duplicate items to sell:

  1. Go to a stable and take out a horse. You'll want the stable to be near something you can climb and then fall off of whilst holding an item to throw. I used the Dueling Peaks Stable, as there's some broken ruins nearby with a slanted face that Link can fall down.
  2. Position the horse so that it's in front of where Link will fall.
  3. Climb up onto your ruin (or rock, whatever you've found that works), and hold down the R button to throw a weapon.
  4. Hold down the up arrow on the D-Pad to go to the selection of items to throw.
  5. Choose any old item, though I recommend nothing that will potentially harm Link or the horse if it doesn't go well!
  6. Whilst still pressing the up arrow, hold down the A button and then let go of up.
  7. Now, with the R and A buttons still being held, slowly walk Link to the edge of the ledge and towards the horse.
  8. As soon as Link starts falling, press the + button to open up the inventory.
  9. Go to the materials sub-screen and have Link hold five of whichever item you want to sell. Go for the most profitable ones, such as diamonds.
  10. Then, press the - button and go to the Adventure Log. Scroll down and watch a memory - you can skip it.
  11. Once the memory is over, go back to the inventory and have Link hold 5 of the same item (the one you want to sell) again.
  12. Press the + button again to resume the game. If it's worked, Link will immediately hop onto the horse and a bundle of the items you want to sell should be seen tumbling on the ground.
  13. Stay on the horse and ride over to Beedle.
  14. Hold down R to prepare to throw something. Then, press the up arrow and the ZL shoulder buttons down at the same time to target Beedle.
  15. Press A to talk to Beedle.
  16. You can now sell the duplicated item repeatedly to Beedle. Once you've sold all of the ones you have in your inventory, don't leave the conversation with Beedle completely, just back out of the sell screen and tell him you want to sell again. The items should be there again for you to sell.

At time of writing, this glitch works in 1.2.0, though it's likely Nintendo will remove it in the next patch. If you'd rather keep using the previous glitches from version 1.1.2, I'd suggest not updating the game.

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