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LA Noire "very appealing to women, too"

Team Bondi title not just for men.

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L.A. Noire isn't just for men playing by themselves, according to developer Team Bondi.

Testing has seen people playing together to pool brain power.

Writer and director Brendan McNamara told Gamespot L.A. Noire "appeals to a really broad church".

Despite the game being exclusively single-player, NcNamara reported tests that found multiple people playing together.

"One of the phenomenons we've seen a lot when we watch people play the game is that they'll play it, or their wife or their girlfriend will play it," McNamara explained. People play L.A. Noire "like watching TV."

"So far it's been very appealing to women, too, which is great. I think women are pretty good at reading whether people are lying or not."

Oli Welsh confessed an 8/10 score for the title in Eurogamer's L.A. Noire review. Game's out today in the UK.

L.A. Noire's cinematic first 15 minutes.

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