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Konami will "punish" PES 2012 quitters

Japanese publisher issues stark warning.

Konami has issued a stark warning to those who intend to quit online matches in PES 2012, saying it will punish them.

Matchmaking has been overhauled so players are more likely to face against those whose "manner resembles their own". Those who deliberately disconnect to avoid defeat will be blocked from competitions, and players with poor reputations will be forced to play each other.

The whole PES 2012 online system has been enhanced to offer a smoother experience, Konami insisted.

"Online is a key element to PES 2012 and we have worked hard to deliver options that enhance both the competitive edge of the game, and that bolster the solo modes in Master League Online," European PES team leader Jon Murphy said.

"Those that have previously exploited online loop holes will be punished, while the stunning Active AI will bring a real edge to online games - with the results logged into leagues of your friends and peers. PES 2012 is all about skill, playing a team's strengths and flowing football - who wouldn't want to share that with their mates!"

The PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the football game offer online matches for up to eight people. The Community mode has been improved so groups of up to 100 users can be joined. You can pass on messages to other players via Bulletin Boards, and inter-community matches have been included to add rivalry between groups.

As is the modern way, social functionality has been added via Facebook app myPES. The tool allows you to invite friends into your leagues, and you can track and share match results.