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Kirby, I mean Carby, gets an adorable new video

Giving the people what they want.

Nintendo has released a new and adorable video, showing off the Forgotten Land's Kirby in his now beloved Carby form.

When Nintendo released its trailer for Kirby and the Forgotten Land during February's Direct it may not have been ready for the sheer adoration that the introduction of Carby would spawn. However, now it is out there, Nintendo is leaning in hard to the corporeal car. Today brings a new video focusing solely on everyone's favourite puffball automobile.

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This new video, below, shows Carby as he tootles his way around the Forgotten Land. Carby may be cute, but he is also hardy, and is shown to crash headlong (or bonnet long?) through the world's scenery and take flying leaps over sullied ground.

In addition to being able to swallow and then manoeuvre a car, Kirby will also be able to inhale vending machines, traffic cones and more thanks to the playfully named "mouthful mode" mechanic.

Each transformation will imbue Kirby with a new skill, be it launching juice cans at advancing assailants or penetrating pipes with a conical head.

Naturally, following the reveal of mouthful mode, memes began swallowing the internet, as fans tried to imagine what other forms Kirby could take.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land releases on 25th March for Nintendo Switch.

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