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Even Nintendo Switch packaging isn't safe from Kirby's Mouthful Mode

Big fish, little fish, Kirby box.

When Nintendo shared its trailer for Kirby and the Forgotten Land during its Direct presentation in February, one thing that got everyone talking was Kirby's new Mouthful Mode. It allows Kirby to inhale and then embody numerous items, and now it turns out this also includes Nintendo Switch boxes.

Spotted by Nintendo Everything, a new box for the Nintendo Switch OLED now features a bright pink puffed up Kirby. Kirby is clearly so puffed up as he has just swallowed the box, contents and all.

So, move over Carby, it's time for Car-board-y (ok, yes, this needs work).

Sadly though, this promotional box is limited to Japan, with no word on whether it will be coming to European markets. There are also a finite number of these Kirby Switch OLED boxes available for fans to snap (or gobble) up.

However, those looking to get their Kirby fix before Forgotten Land's launch can now give the game's demo a whirl. This demo consists of three levels from the first world, including the first boss. And, yes, there is the chance to try out Kirby's mouthful mode.

Eurogamer editor-in-chief Martin Robinson had a shot playing Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and applauded its "sunny, smiley vibe".

The full game will release on 25th March for Nintendo Switch.

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