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Kirby's getting a 30th anniversary live concert later this year

And it'll be streamed around the world.

Kirby, despite looking as smooth and pink as the day he was born, is officially 30 years old this year, and to celebrate the ageing of video gaming's most beloved suction orb, Nintendo is holding a special birthday "music fest" and streaming it to the world.

As detailed on the event's official website, the one-off concert will take place on 11th August at the Tokyo Garden Theatre and will feature original medleys of songs from Kirby's back catalogue, as played by a "large big band-style ensemble" of 35 musicians.

A large LED monitor is also promised, upon which viewers will be able to enjoy a "moving Kirby" with their eyes while they hoover in the melodies of Kirby games past with their ears.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land - Mouthful Mode Reveal.Watch on YouTube

Nintendo says the Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Fest will be streamed globally for those unable to attend in person, with the stream due to begin broadcasting at 6pm JST on 11th August - which should equate to 9am here in the UK. And if you can't hold out that long without your musical Kirby fix, here's a taste of the last live concert Nintendo held when the little guy hit 25.

Of course, that's not the only celebratory occurrence for Kirby as he turns 30; the rotund inhaler is also starring in a brand-new game, Kirby and the Forgotten Lands, which launches next Friday, 25th March, in the UK. There's a Switch demo available to download and play now if you're curious, but things are looking promising: Eurogamer's Martin Robison called it a "sunny, smiley vibe of a thing" and a "showstopping effort from HAL Laboratory" when he took an early look at its adventure antics earlier this month.

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