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Kingdom of Loathing expands

Hobopolis adds actual raid dungeon.

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Popular browser MMO Kingdom of Loathing has taken a step in a new direction with the addition of its first multiplayer clan dungeon: Hobopolis.

Creator Asymmetric Publications plans on introducing a number of areas with similar qualities, allowing WOW-style dungeon raids and various other shenanigans. For the time being, Hobopolis will offer a far greater level of player interaction, bringing a new dimension to a previously underused clan system. In order to access it, clan owners will need to purchase a basement for their clanhouses, buried at the bottom of which will be the entrance to the city of hobos.

The browser adventure, renowned for its anarchic humour and community spirit, has had over 1.7 million accounts created since launch, and manages to operate at a profit despite relying entirely on voluntary contributions. The unveiling of the Hobopolis area is the first such move for the team, which previously tended towards gradual, constant maintenance and improvement, rather than on adding large chunks of new content.

If you've not signed up for Kingdom of Loathing yet, we can only recommend that you do so when you get a moment. It's a experience of surprising depth and amusement, and perfectly suited to clandestine office play. Just don't bully us too much.

If you need even more convincing, check out the 9/10 review we gave it in our browser RPG roundup.

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