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Killzone 2 beta now 2008

Makes sense, really.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony US has said the planned Killzone 2 beta will not be out now until next year.

"We are hoping to do a beta but I don't think we'll have anything ready before this year is over... it is something we are working on for next year," a spokesperson told PSU.

Earlier this year developer Guerilla said it was definitely working on a public test to iron out the multiplayer part of its game, but gave no indication of when.

While the publisher has crushed a little bit of hope inside our hearts with its statement, we only ever really expected it around middle to late 2008 - when Killzone 2 is supposed to sit on shop shelves.

Killzone 2 is a futuristic shooter stuffed full of cinematic warfare not too dissimilar to Call of Duty 4. Pop over to our preview if that sounds like a good idea to you.

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