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Joe Danger "People's Patch" released

Upload replays! Share levels! Hidden stuff!

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Amiable Joe Danger developer Hello Games has released a gigantic patch for its little PS3 stunt-bike racer that lets you share replays and levels among other things.

The "People's Patch" is designed to address "pretty much every piece of feedback we've had from the community," according to Hello's Sean Murray, writing on the PlayStation Blog. And how.

Along with the ability to save, replay and upload videos to YouTube, you can share levels and use custom soundtracks, while you also get more multiplayer levels, new level editing props, costumes and "hidden stuff". Get in.

Yesterday Hello released a trial-and-unlock version of Joe Danger as part of the weekly PSN update too, meaning you can download and play before you decide to pay. Murray has said the trial version represents "hours of gameplay".

Check out our Joe Danger review to see what all the fuss is about. Clue: it's awesome.

139m on level 1 of Joe Danger.

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