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Insomniac confirms Marvel's Spider-Man 2 won't have co-op

Following reports claiming otherwise.

Miles Morales and Peter Parker in their Spider-Suits looking at the camera.
Image credit: Sony/Insomniac

Insomniac has dismissed growing reports its upcoming Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will feature co-op, confirming it's an "epic single-player adventure".

Some publications began reporting potential co-op support in Spider-Man 2 earlier this week after fans unearthed comments made by Miles Morales voice actor Nadji Jeter last September. When asked if Spider-Man 2 would feature co-op during a SacAnime Summer 2022 Q&A, Jeter replied, "I don't know if it's been announced or not, but I think so."

Co-op speculation has followed Spider-Man 2 ever since Insomniac announced Peter Parker and Miles Morales would both play a prominent role in the sequel, but the studio has now shot down co-op chatter once and for all. After a fan tweeted to ask if co-op was on the cards, it replied wrote, "Nope! It is an epic single-player adventure!".

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 reveal trailer. Watch on YouTube

We still don't know very much about Spider-Man 2, beyond the fact it'll feature Tony Todd as Venom and is currently aiming for a "fall 2023" release. Todd - almost certainly without official approval - narrowed that launch date down to September earlier this year, but Insomniac has continued to stay tightlipped about pretty much everything.

All that might be about to change, however; Sony has a one-hour PlayStation Showcase airing this Wednesday, 24th May, from 9pm BST, and that would seem to be as good a time as any to finally unmask Spider-Man 2 ahead of its release this autumn.

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