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Insomniac's Spider-Man 2 launching in September, says Venom actor Tony Todd

"Hold on to your ... and hold breath!".

Miles Morales and Peter Parker in their Spider-Suits looking at the camera.
Image credit: Sony/Insomniac

Breath still bated for more information on developer Insomniac's upcoming Marvel's Spider-Man 2? Well it looks like we might now have a release month thanks to Venom actor Tony Todd, who - almost certainly without official approval - has claimed it'll be arriving this September.

Todd - whose prolific career has included roles in the likes of Platoon, Candyman, and Final Destination - was announced to be voicing Venom in Spider-Man 2 back in September 2021, at the same time Insomniac confirmed Yuri Lowenthal and Nadji Jeter would be returning to voice Peter Parker and Miles Morales respectively.

Since then, official word on the sequel has been almost non-existent, but Insomniac did pop up in December, following a bit of a leak by a writer on the project, to confirm it was aiming to release Spider-Man 2 some time in "fall 2023".

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 announcement trailer.Watch on YouTube

Now, though, Tony Todd has taken to Twitter claiming Insomniac is more specifically looking to launch this September. Beneath a photo of himself in a motion capture rig, Todd responded to fan's enthusiastic tweet that Spider-Man 2 "can't come quick enough" by writing, "Looks like September! Massive publicity coming in August. Commercials start dropping in August so I'm told. Hold on to your ... and hold breath! Gonna be necessary".

While Todd is certainly well-placed to be on the receiving end of accurate insider information regarding Marvel's Spider-Man 2, the actor clearly wasn't tweeting in an official capacity, and it's anyone's guess when Insomniac might be ready to share more. That doesn't mean you can't circle September in your diary, of course - you just might want to stick to pencil until we're sure.

Insomniac's rendition of Venom will - based on a post-credits sequence in the first Spider-Man, at least - inhabit Peter Parker's close friend Harry Osborn. Last year, actor Scott Porter, who played Osborn in the original game, confirmed he wouldn't be returning for the PS5 sequel.

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