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Incredible Elden Ring art created in Dreams

Beautiful nightmare.

Elden Ring has a stunning, dark fantasy aesthetic and now it's been recreated in Dreams.

Martin Nebelong, a Danish artist working at Media Molecule, has recreated a beautiful vista from Elden Ring in incredible detail.

Amusingly, Nebelong hasn't even played the game for himself yet.

Watch on YouTube

As spotted by TheGamer, there's a time lapse video that shows Nebelong's work in progress.

More than anything, it shows the impressive power of Dreams. Media Molecule's game-making game has been used for some wonderful projects - like this awesome looking driving game - as well as standalone pieces of art.

Nebelong has been regularly sharing both tips and artwork videos on YouTube using Dreams, but this 3D Elden Ring art piece is arguably his most impressive yet.

Watch on YouTube

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