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In Devil May Cry 5, Dante uses a hat as a weapon


Devil May Cry 5 looks like a game packed with outlandish weapons (including a motorbike Dante rips in half). Over the weekend Capcom revealed another weapon fans of the action game series did not expect.

During a panel at New York Comic-Con, Capcom revealed gameplay of the Faust hat, which Dante uses as a weapon in Devil May Cry 5.

Faust was a demon who appeared in Devil May Cry 4, notable because of the hat it wore.

Dante can wear this hat in Devil May Cry 5, giving him a raft of demonic powers, including summoning a devastating meteor attack. The Faust hat requires red orbs to use, which sort of turns red orbs into mana (an interesting choice in the context of Devil May Cry 5's recent red orb microtransaction kerfuffle). But, according to comments from Capcom at the panel, you obtain red orbs by using the Faust hat. It's supposed to be a risk / reward mechanic.

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That's not the only weapon Capcom revealed during the panel. Cerberus, a tripartite nunchaku that appeared in Devil May Cry 3, returns. In Devil May Cry 5 it has three modes: ice nunchucks, a fire bow staff and lighting chain.

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And Capcom also showed off the already-revealed Balrog, a Street Fighter-themed set of gauntlets, grieves and shoulder pads (the name is a reference to Street Fighter's famous boxer) for Dante. In Blow Mode Dante attacks like a boxer, and even has a sway evade move and a Dragon Punch-style uppercut. In Kick Mode, Balrog gives Dante moves reminiscent of Ken's.

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For more on Devil May Cry 5, be sure to check out Martin's interview with director Hideaki Itsuno from Tokyo Game Show.

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