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In case you missed it, Fallout 76 is currently free to try for a week

Nuclear deterrent.

If, in a darker moment or two, you've wondered to yourself whether Fallout 76 really is as much of a "bizarre, boring, broken mess" as Eurogamer's Wes once said it was - or if it's improve in any way since - then now your chance to find out. Fallout 76 is currently free to try for a week.

As Bethesda reminds curious onlookers on its announcement page, "Fallout 76 has received a steady stream of content updates, balance changes, hot fixes and more in the months since launch", including, of course, the newly announced gasp of a Battle Royale mode. Which is currently having a bit of a "pre-beta sneak peak" - and which Eurogamer's resident gunslinger Ian "Ian" Higton recently won. Mostly by accident as far as I can tell.

Watch on YouTube

And if any of that takes your fancy - excluding Ian, obviously (although I'm happy to ask if required) - you can download Fallout 76 from the launcher on PC, the Xbox Store, or PlayStation Store. You'll need an Xbox One Gold membership or PS+ to play on consoles.

The Fallout 76 free trial week ends on Monday 17th June (yes, I know I'm a little late on this, but E3 and that) and all progress can be carry over to the full game, should you find yourself utterly smitten with the whole endeavour.

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