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Immortality will be available on mobile via Netflix "very soon"

Mac version also "waiting in the wings".

Immortality, the latest game from Sam Barlow, is on its way to Netflix via Apple and Android devices "very soon".

The game was released yesterday across Xbox Series X/S and PC (via Steam and GOG). It's also on Game Pass.

Netflix subscribers will also be able to play the game on their mobile devices, once released.

Immortality - Reveal Trailer for the New Sam Barlow GameWatch on YouTube

"Immortality will be coming very soon to Apple and Android devices on Netflix," reads a tweet from developer HalfMermaid.

"We are taking some extra time on our mobile release to ensure it's the best possible experience for Netflix members around the world."

A release of the game on Mac is also "waiting in the wings and will be with you as soon as we can get it to you!"

Chris Tapsell was impressed with the game in his Recommended review, describing it as "an elaborate, ingenious enigma". Other outlets have been similarly impressed.

At the start of August, it was reported that less than one percent of Netflix subscribers play its games daily.

However, a new job listing suggests Netflix is looking to expand its gaming offerings.

It's also been quietly adding social features like Game Handles to its service, with more to come.