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Immersion to pay Microsoft USD 20m

Legal rumble finally settled.

Microsoft has won its long-running legal battle against rumble specialists Immersion to the tune of USD 20.75m

The feud kicked off again last year, after Sony backpedaled and included rumble in its DualShock 3 pad. This activated a clause in a contract which stated that Immersion would have to pay Microsoft USD 15m if Sony also used the rumble technology in its pads.

But when Immersion refused to pay up, Microsoft sued. Immersion then issued a counterclaim alleging that Microsoft had breached a confidentiality agreement between the two companies. You guys.

Calm was restored yesterday, however, after a US court ruled in Microsoft's favour. Now Immersion has agreed to cough up USD 20.75m. Happy days. For Microsoft.

In the spirit of peace and love, Microsoft has even allowed Immersion to join its Certified Partner Program. Fancy that.

"We are pleased to resolve our outstanding dispute with Microsoft and to put this litigation behind us," said Immersion president and CEO Clent Richardson. Nice name, Clent.

Likewise, we are pleased to no longer have to write about Immersion's petty legal spats with console manufacturers.

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