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ID@Xbox has generated £1.8bn for indie developers

"The results have exceeded our wildest dreams."

The ID@Xbox program has earned indie developers more than £1.8 billion ($2.5bn) in royalties.

In an update posted to Xbox Wire, Chris Charla - general manager of content curation and programs - acknowledged that whilst the team "really didn't know much" at the time the ID@Xbox program was launched nine years ago, Xbox understood that "[its] players loved the artistry and diversity delivered by independent developers" and "had to do everything we could to help developers maximise their success on the Xbox ecosystem".

The results of the ID@Xbox - which have "exceeded [Xbox's] wildest dreams" - also saw "total revenue generated by ID@Xbox partners on Xbox almost double over the last three years".

The megacorp adds that it's also paid developers and publishers "hundreds of millions of dollars in Game Pass license fees".

"Nine years ago, we made a promise to independent developers that we'd work as hard as we could on their behalf, because we knew Xbox players would be stoked to support their work," wrote Charla (thanks, TheGamer).

"We don't by any means consider that promise fulfilled because we see our work as an ongoing commitment from Xbox to independent developers. But through ID@Xbox, the launch of ID@Azure, our work with Game Pass and beyond to help developers bring their games to Xbox, and with the community response to the amazing games we're seeing come to the platform, we feel we're making progress in the right direction."

As for the impact Xbox Game Pass has had on both players and developers?

"​​There are amazing games out today on Xbox (and other platforms!) that would never have existed without the support of Game Pass members, and that's really been an incredible phenomenon," Charla added. "Ensuring that millions of Game Pass members get to experience some of the best independent games ever created has been transformational for Xbox players and developers."

ICYMI, Microsoft's Phil Spencer wants to assure developers that game sales still remain an important factor, even with its Xbox Game Pass subscription continuing to dominate.

Speaking at the GDC Fireside Chat earlier this week, Spencer said: "I often get asked by developers 'if I'm not in the subscription am I just not viable on Xbox anymore?'. It's absolutely not true."

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