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Humankind will launch straight into Xbox Game Pass on PC

A fine strategy.

Amplitude's much-anticipated Humankind will launch into Xbox Game Pass on PC next week.

The 4X strategy game will finally roll out next Tuesday, 17th August, after several delays. It had originally been due in 2020.

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All of that extra work appears to be paying off, though. We've played a fair bit of Humankind now, and Eurogamer's strategy buff Chris Tapsell reckons it has "that special something" in both its mechanics and ambition.

"This is a game called Humankind, after all," Chris wrote. "It's a game about the history of life, the history of everything. What matters most is whether or not it feels like that, and so far it really does."

Last month, Amplitude announced it would pull the controversial Denuvo DRM from Humankind before launch, based on data from the game's closed beta and feedback from fans.

"We've been working on this game for more than four years now and personally it's been my dream project for 25 years," Romain de Waubert, boss of Amplitude said. "That being said, our priority is always the best possible experience for the players who buy our games and support us. Denuvo should never impact player performance, and we don't want to sacrifice quality for you guys."

So, Xbox Game Pass for PC owners, do you fancy giving it a turn?

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