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Humankind gets last-minute delay

That's life.

With less than a month to go until its April release, Sega has delayed Amplitude's Humankind again - this time until 17th August.

The Civilization-esque 4X game was originally due to launch in 2020, before eventually being pushed back to early 2021.

Today, Amplitude released a video thanking fans for their feedback so far during the game's beta-style OpenDev sessions - and for their further patience:

Cover image for YouTube videoHUMANKIND™ LUCY OpenDev - Thank You!

"The team will be focused on improving areas of work identified by the community during our previous Lucy OpenDev, when players tested out 4 eras and 40 cultures of the game to give us their thoughts," Amplitude said today.

"Accessibility, Onboarding, Pacing, Balancing, Diplomacy and AI are just a few of the key areas we'll be concentrating on. For more detailed information, check out our dev blog available here."

Anyone who has pre-purchased the game will get a set of Lucy and Edgar Allan Poe avatars free at launch to make up for the delay.