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Humankind's new Para Bellum Wonder Pack DLC free to claim for a limited time

Arrives alongside free base game update.

There's a bunch of activity going on around developer Amplitude's sprawling historical 4X strategy game Humankind right now, and as part of all that, its newly released Para Bellum Wonder Pack DLC is currently free to claim and keep, but only for a limited time.

The Para Bellum Wonder Pack adds a total of six new cultural wonders, one for each of the game's successive eras. The Stables of Pi-Ramesses are available first in Era 1 and are followed by the Colosseum, the Citadel of Alamut, the Hôtel des Invalides, Whilelmshaven Werft, and, as we step into the modern era, the Pentagon.

As you might imagine, each Wonder brings various benefits to the empires that build them, ranging from increased land movement speed and reduced cavalry/land vehicle upkeep for the Stables of Pi-Ramesses through to increased district fortication and bombardment benefits via the Pentagon. A full breakdown of these bonuses can be found in Amplitude's announcement.

Humankind: Para Bellum Wonders Pack DLC launch trailer.Watch on YouTube

Ordinarily, the Para Bellum Wonder Pack would cost £2.49/2.99€/$2.99 but it's free to claim and keep on Steam and Epic until 10th May. Additionally, Humankind and its other bits of DLC, including last year's Together We Rule expansion, are discounted until 5th May.

Humankind's Para Bellum Wonder Pack launches today, 26th April, and arrives alongside the free Vauban base game update, bringing quality of life improvements, bugfixes, and optimisations aimed at lower spec hardware, as detailed in the patch notes.

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