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Humankind celebrates Día de los Muertos in first limited-time event

As part of customisation-focussed new update.

Amplitude Studios' historical strategy game Humankind is getting in on the limited-time event action with a month-long celebration of Día de los Muertos, complete with related rewards.

As explained in Amplitude's announcement, events in Humankind - Día de los Muertos is hoped to be the first of "many" - will task players with completing various challenges across multiple chapters, with new chapters unlocking over the course of the event. Completing challenges will award players with unique customisation options, including symbols, frames, and avatars.

Humankind's Día de los Muertos event consists of two chapters, taking their cue from Mexico's Day of the Dead with challenges inspired by religion, celebration, and mesoamerican cultures.

Humankind - Día de los Muertos Event Trailer.

The first chapter - which requires players to complete 20 Festival Public Ceremonies as Mexico, to have a city with at least 300 population, and to be the religious leader of every Empire in a game - is available now, with the second unlocking on 16th November. Completing both will unlock three symbols and frames each, plus the Catrina avatar.

The Día de los Muertos event follows Humankind's recently released Fabius Maximus update, which ushers in a broad range of gameplay tweaks, quality of life improvements, and bug fixes.

As Amplitude explained previously, "Reading the initial feedback...after release, we realised that in many cases, players wanted more control over the conditions of their game. Whether they were discussing strategic resources, the length and end conditions of the game, or even the opponents they face, while players often agreed on the general direction of changes, they almost as often disagreed on the ideal settings."

To that end, Humankind's Fabius Maximus update packs in a range of new customisation-focussed options, as outlined in Amplitudes's recent blog post. Players can also expect rebalances for several cultures, new effects for certain civics, more varied unit art, and more.

Humankind's Día de los Muertos event and Fabius Maximus are available now.

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