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Humankind is heading to PlayStation and Xbox, launching via Game Pass

Plus, second paid expansion is out right now.

Amplitude Studios has announced its turn-based historical strategy game Humankind is heading to both last-gen and current-gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

The announcement was made at Summer Game Fest, with the ports being handled by Aspyr studio. The ports are set to release on 4th November.

The game will also make a debut on Xbox Game Pass.

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Aspyr also announced Humankind's second paid expansion pack: Cultures of Latin America.

Like the first expansion, Cultures of Latin America includes six new cultures, six new wonders, nine independent peoples, 15 narrative events and over 30 new in-game music tracks.

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Finally, the game is getting a major free update today titled the Bolivar Patch.

The update has a number of new features and changes including a reworked surrender system, rebalanced war support modifiers, infrastructure yield previews and unique wonder effects.

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