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Free official Humankind mod and map make history a little more sci-fi

Amplitude's Endless series crossover out now.

If you've been enjoying Amplitude Studios' 4X strategy game Humankind but have a hankering for something a little more alternative in your historical timeline, you might like to cast your gaze in the direction of the developer's newly released official Endless mod and map.

As its name suggests, Humankind's Endless mod takes its cue from Amplitude's long-running series of Endless games, which to date include Dungeon of the Endless, Endless Space and its sequel, and Endless Legends - not to mention a huge number of accompanying expansions.

Each of these game slots somewhere in the expansive Endless universe timeline - a giddying chronology of events charting numerous factions and their relationship with the planet Auriga - and Humankind's new Endless mod brings a touch of that epic saga to Earth as history unfolds.

Cover image for YouTube videoHUMANKIND™ - Official Endless Mod Trailer
Humankind - Official Endless Mod Trailer.

In total, Amplitude has infused Humankind with 32 new Endless-themed narrative events, 30 new illustrations, two new civics, two new technologies, one new curiosity, one new district, two new national projects, and one new artificial wonder. And if you manage to get through a game with the mod enabled, you'll unlock the Horatio avatar to do with as you please.

Alongside the mod, Amplitude has also released a special Endless-themed map for Humankind in conjunction with Piotrek "PangolinAdvisor" Figarski, this one whisking the 4X action to the fabled planet Auriga for a spot of what-if and away from Earth for the very first time.

"In the Endless universe, Auriga is doomed to an icy death, with varied factions battling for survival and dominance across its surface," explains the developer. "But what if humankind had developed on Auriga instead? How would history play out on its geography, albeit a less fantastical version?".

Both freebies arrive as part of Amplitude's annual Amplified event, which includes significant discounts on all of its titles across Steam and the Epic Games Store.