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Humankind now arrives April 2021

Civ you later.

Sega has announced a new April 2021 release window for Humankind, the Civilization-esque strategy in the works at Amplitude Studios.

Humankind was originally due this year but got pushed into 2021 back in June. It'll finally arrive some 10 months later - though there's no exact date as yet.

Sega would, however, like you to know you can pre-order Humankind now and receive a couple of extra cosmetics for doing so. Look for the Digital Deluxe Edition on Steam, Epic Games Store and even Stadia now, where it is 15 per cent off.

There's also a physical edition in either steel case or recyclable eco packaging, which is nice.

Humankind has been playable for a little while via Amplitude's "open dev" free early access beta-style offering of various bits and pieces. As announced yesterday, there's also now a Stadia demo too.

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