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Bungie responds after Destiny 2 The Final Shape was "accidentally pushed live on PS5" early

UPDATE: Studio issues response.

Destiny: The Final Shape expansion artwork shows three Guardian characters standing in front of the evil Pyramid Ships as the franchise's final battle begins.
Image credit: Bungie

UPDATE 31/5/24: Bungie has released a statement after "a portion" of Destiny 2's The Final Shape expansion was "accidentally pushed live" on PS5's streaming service.

The studio acknowledged spoilers were being shared online, and that a "small group of players" were able to access the campaign, Collections, Echoes, and "other reward info".

Consequently, the team advises players who don't want the experience spoiled to "be very careful" on social media in the lead up to The Final Shape's release next week, and asks those who have seen the spoilers to "please be considerate of others".

"Thanks to all our community members who have already helped us by reporting leaks and those actively working to prevent more of the experience from being shared before its intended date," the statement concluded.

"It's always extremely difficult when our team's hard work is leaked early, but we are still excited for everyone to experience the full release on June 4 together."

Original story is as follows.

ORIGINAL STORY 30/5/24: Eyes up, Guardian – The Final Shape DLC has leaked online after the expansion was temporarily available earlier today.

As reported dozens of times in the Destiny 2 subreddit community and beyond, "the entire" The Final Shape DLC was "playable" – although some say this is an exaggeration and the content was merely accessible – until, eventually, developer Bungie "killed" the servers.

Unfortunately, this was not before spoilers about the story, raid, trophies, loot, and more – much, much more – swamped social media and online communities. It appears the content became available after yesterday's scheduled maintenance.

No spoilers have been included in this story.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape | Launch Trailer [UK].Watch on YouTube

"The entire DLC is playable right now. If you don't want spoilers now is your chance to bail outta the sub, off X, off everything," said a Destiny 2 player on the official subreddit, entitling their post: "CODE RED: SPOILERS INCOMING EVERYWHERE. THE DLC HAS LEAKED".

"PC servers killed, Bungie/Sony about to attempt full damage control," said the first update to their post, swiftly followed by, "UPDATE 2: This leak tops everything else. Raid gear, raid mechanics, HUGE STORY SPOILERS. LIKE... MASSIVE. If you don't like leaks/spoilers tomorrow is gonna be hell. Get off the internet. It's so bad that I'd be surprised if they didn't just release TFC early to avoid people getting spoiled."

According to the poster, the players who'd accidentally found themselves with the new update were "somehow still online despite servers being taken down lmao".

"Full campaign is available. Season stuff too," the poster explained.

Eventually, the content was taken offline again. It's speculated, but not definitively confirmed, that players were able to access the new content via "a Sony backend fu*k up" similar to the one some used to get a premature peek at the Elden Ring DLC.

byu/Soracaz inDestinyTheGame

At the time of writing, neither Bungie nor Sony have publicly acknowledged the leak.

Last week, Guardians for their first look – well, hear, technically – at Keith David's Commander Zavala in Destiny 2: The Final Shape.

We already knew that Bungie had no plans to remove Zavala from the Destiny 2 story given he was "central" to the upcoming The Final Shape expansion, but this is the first time we've heard Zavala voiced by David. Up until now, Zavala's voice work had been recorded in advance by his original voice actor, Lance Reddick, who sadly died last year.

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