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Game of the Week: A battle for prog greatness

No flutes, alas.

A strange triangular building surrounding a glowing portal in Destiny 2's Echoes update.
Image credit: Bungie

Games have always been a bit prog - that's prog as in prog rock. They've always been in love with wizards and capes and colours flowing together, and probably with flutes too if you know where to look. Up until now, though, I think the prog-est moment I ever encountered in a game came in God of Blades.

God of Blades was very prog. It was sort of an endless runner, but you endlessly ran through '70s album art and pulp fantasy novel covers, all while wielding a glowing sword. That's pretty prog! But the prog-est part of the game came with an unlockable sword - I think it was called Lorekeeper - which you could only get if you played the game, which was on iOS, inside a library.

I got Lorekeeper one day in Jubilee Library in Brighton and I still have no idea how the team pulled that trick off. Anyway. God of Blades can step aside, because this week in reviews land we've had a battle between two giant games, two blockbusters that cost millions and made millions. And they're both, well, they're both incredibly prog. One of them is Shadow of the Erdtree. The other is Destiny 2. Just savour those names alone. Imagine them on the back of a T-shirt along with gig dates in Guildford and St Leonards. How prog can you get?

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