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How to Hunt Kraven in Spider-Man 2

Time to beat Kraven once and for all!

spider-man 2 beaten up and weakened kraven headshot
Image credit: Eurogamer/Insomniac Games.

Hunting Kraven in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is the final fight you have with this brutal supervillain. It is a battle worth waiting for, and even though Kraven has clearly been affected by the fight with Peter earlier in his lair, he will not go down easily. If you're ready to finally finish the fight we're here to show you how to beat Kraven in Spider-Man 2.

Spoiler Warning: This guide contains a major spoiler for a playable character in Spider-Man 2!. Check out our how to beat Kraven guide if you're fighting him as Peter Parker.

How to Hunt Kraven in Spider-Man 2

Kraven has finally met his match in the form of Venom! This fight is arguably a lot easier than your earlier bout, simply because Venom is at full strength and his attacks are simply more powerful.

spider-man 2 venom holding kraven by his neck
Kraven has met his match. | Image credit: Eurogamer/Insomniac Games.

The fight between Venom and Kraven happens in two phases, however he uses the same attacks in both. Once you learn which attacks to avoid and which ones to throw back to Kraven, he isn’t so tough after all.

Here are all of Kraven's attacks that he uses against Venom and how to avoid them or use them against him:

  • Spear Attacks - Kraven has a shield and spear with him in this fight. The spear is electrified and he will repeatedly try to thrust it into Venom or land swipes. You can easily dodge to the side when you see Kraven holding the spear up for an attack.
  • Shield Smack - As well as using it to attempt to protect himself, Kraven will smack his shield onto the floor to momentarily daze Venom. Kraven typically uses this when he's backed into a corner or when you've got a string of good hits on him. You can't avoid the sound from the shield smack, but you can make sure you're more aware of incoming attacks while Venom is dazed.
  • Invisibility - The ability he used in the second phase of the fight with Peter is back. Kraven can, again, turn himself invisible to move around the battlefield but it doesn't have too much of an impact on the fight itself. The battlefield is quite small compared to other boss fight locations, meaning that it's easier to spot Kraven once he reappears.
  • Bombs - On occasion, Kraven will lay bombs down on the ground. They will flash a few times before detonating. When you see the flash, make sure Venom is far away to avoid getting damaged.
  • Projectiles - You can turn this attack against Kraven to really hurt him. Kraven will move to one of several higher areas surrounding the battlefield, and will launch several projectiles at Venom. As soon as you see him moving to a higher platform, get ready to use L1 to absorb the incoming projectiles and throw them back.
spider-man 2 venom blowing up platform with kraven on it
Venom - 1, Kraven - 0. | Image credit: Eurogamer/Insomniac Games

Then all you need to do is bombard Kraven with melee attacks until his health bar in both phases reaches zero. Venom's power is truly evident in this fight - what took Peter Parker in a Symbiote Suit a lot of effort, Venom can achieve in a single bite.

We also recommend using R1 to grab Kraven when you need a moment to breathe. You won't be able to throw him around like the security guards earlier, but grabbing him will briefly interrupt anything he's trying to do.

spider-man 2 close up of venom holding kraven by his head
Snack time... | Image credit: Eurogamer/Insomniac Games.

That's it for now. If you want more help on your web-slinging adventure, check out our walkthrough page. Also, if you're hunting for collectibles, take a look at our Marko's Memories and Photo Ops locations pages.

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