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Horizon: Forbidden West loungewear now available at ASOS

Fashion is in my jeans.

Guerrilla has released a new range of Horizon Forbidden West inspired clothing, including loungewear sets and button up shirts via ASOS.

The developer has said these new pieces are "perfect" for "marathon gaming sessions" as you explore the Forbidden West with Aloy.

The descent and demise of Ted Faro: Horizon Forbidden West lore.Watch on YouTube

Each item in this collection has been influenced by the game, with elements such as Forbidden West's key art and homages to Aloy's in-game looks included throughout each piece.

The entire line is being released as part of Guerrilla's own merchandise brand Horizon Raw Materials.

Get Aloy of this.

"While Aloy's in-game outfits are aimed at her protection and survival, our unique partnership with ASOS is focused on ready-to-wear comfort for our fans," wrote Guerrilla as part of a blog announcing its new line.

This new range is available now exclusively on ASOS for those in EU, UK, Japan and Asia regions. Meanwhile, it will launch in the US early next year. So, has anything here caught your eye? Perhaps something to wear while running your Erends...

Looking to the horizon...Watch on YouTube

Elsewhere in Horizon news, a report earlier this year claimed that Zero Dawn is currently being remastered for the PlayStation 5. In addition to this, a new online Horizon multiplayer game is allegedly in the works at PlayStation.

Meanwhile, Sylens actor Lance Reddick recently teased upcoming content for Forbidden West. In a swiftly deleted tweet, the thespian shared a short video of himself "hard at work" doing "face capture" for the game.

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