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Home gets Resident Evil 5 space

Still waiting for Warhawk and Uncharted.

In a shocking display of timeliness, Capcom's Resident Evil 5 game space has been added to PlayStation Home today.

We just went onto PSN to check, and there it is: the Studio Lot, with a facsimile of the game's African village level to explore, and some interactive features - although it's not yet complete, according to good old Ted the Dog. There's free Resident Evil gear available in the mall, too.

Also added in the latest update are complete Street Fighter costumes, a new multiplayer game in Home Square (Helicopter Hit), and some new Watchmen stuff.

Resident Evil 5 joins Far Cry 2 as the only Home game spaces available in Europe. Sony has yet to add its long-promised spaces for Warhawk, Uncharted and Resistance.

Resident Evil 5 is out next week.