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Here's how UK cities would look in Horizon: Zero Dawn

Birmingham! Liverpool! Cardiff! London! More!

Horizon: Zero Dawn launches in the UK this week - on the 1st March - but fans here in Blighty have already been given a look at what Britain might look like post-apocalypse.

For that you can either turn on the news, or gaze at this lovely artwork from PlayStation UK.

What if Alloy stalked her robotic dinosaurs across the plains of Croydon? Would she stop at Nandos? Or Brighton? Would she pop down for a falafel?

London, Manchester, Cardiff, Birmingham, Liverpool, Dublin, Edinburgh and more lie below:

"Guerrilla Games goes open world in this sumptuous, enjoyable yet overly generic new age sci-fi RPG," Martin wrote in Eurogamer's Horizon: Zero Dawn review.