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Here's how Bungie remixed Destiny 2's opening for New Light

Mo' Russian.

Destiny 2's free-to-play New Light version launches today, and it begins very differently to the Destiny 2 which veteran players will know.

Up until now, Destiny 2 has begun with the start of its Red War campaign. This saw the Destiny 1 Tower destroyed, and required you to complete a number of story missions before the game properly opened up.

Destiny 2: New Light does away with the need to do all that.

Start a new Destiny 2 playthrough with New Light and you will be guided from the character creator into the first mission from Destiny 1 - AKA the one where you woke up in the Cosmodrome.

Play through this - IGN's video below shows it's almost exactly the same, although the introduction is a little shorter and you now face a Fallen Walker boss fight - and you'll then be taken to the Tower.

But the Tower you'll be taken to is the Destiny 2 Tower, and the Traveller is already in its 'Awoken' state. Did your character wake up after the events of Destiny 1? Or have you simply skipped forward?

Either way, you're now able to immediately access all of the Tower's vendors and other activities, such as Crucible. (No being stuck in The Farm for ages!) And you can kick off the Red War campaign whenever you want, Kotaku reports, by going over to chat with Amanda Holliday (it's nice they've given her something else to do).

Cover image for YouTube videoThe First 25 Minutes of Destiny 2: New Light Free to Play Gameplay

Destiny 2: New Light is scheduled to go live at 6pm UK time tonight, alongside the series' latest expansion Shadowkeep.

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