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Here's everything in Watch Dogs 2's £29.99 season pass

Can you hack not having it?

Watch Dogs 2 has a season pass, because of course it does.

For £29.99 you'll get five extra story missions, more co-op modes and some new outfits and other things like that.

The meatiest of the post-launch packs looks like it will be the Human Conditions add-on, with three of the above new missions. The trailer below describes them as hour-long (we presume, each).

One features Jordi, possibly the best character from Watch Dogs 1 (not a huge claim, to be fair), who until now we hadn't heard was back.

You'll also get a pack of skins which will coat everything you own in psychedelic colours and a mission which surrounds the famous Zodiac serial killer.

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I really enjoyed my time with Watch Dogs 2's opening hours - sans season pass. If you fancy more, though, this may be your thing.

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