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Apex Legends details new semi-terraformed Broken Moon map

Zip rails! Large POIs! More!

As the march toward Apex Legends' 15th season on 1st November continues, developer Respawn Entertainment has shared a first proper look at the free-to-play battle royale game's new semi-terraformed Broken Moon map.

Broken Moon takes players to Cleo, the fractured moon that played a major role in new hero Catalyst's introductory Stories from the Outlands trailer. Years after a meteor impact almost destroyed it, Cleo is now partly terraformed and habitable - but to further fund its colonisation, the government has entered into a contract to hold the Apex Games there.

When players step onto the surface of Broken Moon - said to be of a similar size to Apex Legend's World's Edge map - they'll discover a world of two distinct halves, one part colonised and lush with vegetation, the other still barren.

Cover image for YouTube videoBroken Moon Map Blog Video
Apex Legends - Broken Moon Map Blog Video.

Broken Moon's big new addition comes in the form of rollercoastering zip rails, giving players the means to quickly move between (and sometimes within) major points of interest on the map, following a predetermined path. These, Respawn notes, have the same functionality as Apex Legends' existing zip lines, but offer increased speed and momentum.

As for those points of interest, Respawn says Broken Moon has a focus on large landmarks intended to comfortably accommodate multiple squads on landing, giving them plenty of time to loot before any shots are fired. These include a giant terraformer described as a "king-of-the-hill" drop location, a lush 'Bionomics' zone giving plenty of opportunities for vertical flanking, and a vast chasm linked with bridges and zip rails for "fast-paced, high-energy" play.

A more detailed breakdown of Broken Moon's various large-scale points of interest can be found on Respawn's newly published blog post.

Broken Moon will arrive alongside new hero Catalyst, plus a new gifting feature, when Apex Legends' Season 15 - titled Eclipse - launches on 1st November.