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Apex Legends' next hero is trans "terraformer and defensive conjurer" Catalyst

Joining Season 15 on 1st November.

Respawn has shared first details of Apex Legends' 15th season - including a reveal for new hero Catalyst, the first trans Legend to join the line-up - ahead of its arrival on 1st November.

Details of the new season, which Respawn is calling Eclipse, are a little light at present, but the developer's newly launched Season 15 webpage promises a new map - said to be lie "in Boreas' shadow" - as well as a new gifting feature, enabling players to purchase and send cosmetic items to their friends.

For now, though, the focus is very much on new hero Catalyst, real name Tressa Smith, described as a "experienced terraformer and defensive conjurer [who] uses her remarkable control of ferrofluid to manipulate the battlefield."

Apex Legends - Stories from the Outlands: Last Hope.

Catalyst will be voiced by Meli Grant and her backstory is detailed in the latest animated instalment of Stories from the Outlands, titled Last Hope. Here, we're introduced to Tressa and her friend Margo as they discuss ways in which they can help save their home planet Boreas' shattered moon Cleo from the destructive Hammond Robotics company - with events taking a deadly turn when Tressa becomes unwittingly embroiled in an eco-terrorist plot.

All that would strongly suggest Season 15's new map will be Divided Moon, which was revealed as part of the huge Apex Legends' leak earlier this year.

Expect plenty more details ahead of Apex Legends: Eclipse's 1st November arrival.

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