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Henry Cavill delights fans by visiting Warhammer World

Superman in more ways than one.

Henry Cavill always brings joy when he shares his passion for all things nerdy, and this was never more apparent than this weekend when he visited Warhammer World here in the UK.

The star of The Witcher and The Man from UNCLE stopped to chat with fans and staff during his recent visit to Games Workshop HQ, with many subsequently sharing their snapshots from the day on social media.

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Games Workshop citadel miniatures designer Darren Latham said Cavill was a "fantastic guy who REALLY loves Warhammer!" (thanks PC Gamer).

While the exact reason for his visit is unclear, it has reignited hope among many for some kind of live action Warhammer adaptation (something Cavill has expressed an interest in in the past).

There is, of course, the chance Cavill's visit to Warhammer World was purely for pleasure. He has never hidden his love for the tabletop game, and recently defended his hobby on The Graham Norton Show.

Here, Norton appeared to being trying to tease Cavill for his enjoyment of Warhammer. However, Cavill remained cool during their chat and managed to turn the tables on the presenter, even convincing Tom Holland to give Warhammer a go. This left many debating what a Warhammer game between Spider-Man and Superman might entail.

At the start of the pandemic in 2020, Cavill additionally shared an incredibly wholesome post on Instagram, praising Games Workshop for giving him a "sliver lining" during a difficult time. The photo showed Cavill painting a tiny little helmet, which he captioned:

"I've decided to polish some old skills and try my hand at some new ones! It is a time of rebirth after all [Easter]. So, as you can see here, the obvious might look a little bit like a tiny helmet... which it is.

"One of my almost lifelong hobbies, that I've been following but not actively doing, is this. A company called Games Workshop... or plastic crack as 'we' call it. Genuinely can't get enough of the lore they have built over the decades. They have been some of my most enthused reads! If you were in denial about me being a geek before, you can't hide from it now."

He additionally went on to thank NHS workers for their "unceasing efforts to protect us" during the pandemic.

"I imagine it might be feeling a little rough right now," Cavill wrote, "but you Ladies and Gents are absolutely smashing it! Keep it up! You got this".

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