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Heavy Rain delayed until 2010?

Sony says it hasn't confirmed a date.

An exclusive video preview of Sony and Quantic Dream's interactive drama Heavy Rain on the Gametrailers TV show suggests that the game won't be out until next year.

Presenter Geoff Keighley said at the end of the show (over 19 minutes in) that the game "is going to be coming out next year exclusively for the PlayStation 3". He was interviewing the game's US managing producer at the time.

Sony had previously indicated that the game was due for release in 2009. When the game was unveiled at last year's Leipzig Games Convention, then Sony Europe president David Reeves said it would be "the great game for PlayStation 3 next year".

When contacted for comment, Sony said that it had not yet confirmed a release date for Heavy Rain.

Elsewhere in the Gametrailers TV show, footage can be seen of a new scene in Heavy Rain, quite different to the FBI investigation scene we previewed and saw video of last week.

The scene shows reporter Madison Paige, familiar from the Leipzig "Taxidermist" demo, walking through a crowd of dancers in a nightclub called Blue Lagoon. She dances on a podium, and there's one shot that appears to show her dancing in her underwear for a man sitting in shadows.

Apparently the scene will be on show at E3 next week. We'll bring you more from the show floor.

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