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Halo: Reach screenshots leaked?

Battle Rifle, Needler sighted, among others.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

A man on the internet has secured what look very much like blurry digital camera shots of Halo: Reach in action.

The pictures, which you can witness immortalised on NeoGAF, include a convincing-looking title screen and lobby, and shots of various locations.

We can also see a few weapons, including the Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle (it lives again!), the Laser, the Needler and a new, funkier-looking version of the Needler, which we're going to call the Needlier.

Bungie hasn't responded publicly to the reputed leak (other than banning people who mention it on the forums, apparently), while Microsoft is throwing out the old "rumour and speculation" line.

Bungie has previously said it won't be ready to talk about Halo: Reach for a while, but we do know that it will be out next autumn and that people who bought Halo 3: ODST will have access to a beta version beforehand.

The developer has also hinted that ODST's Firefight mode could return in Halo: Reach.

We have our own theories on what you might see in Reach, mind you, which you can read about on page three of our recent Halo 3: ODST tech analysis. In short: Elites, 16 Spartans, the return of Mark V armour, and perhaps some kind of ancillary use of Project Natal...

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