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Halo Infinite's Winter Update may make the game worth revisiting

Spartans assemble.

343 has laid out its plans for Halo Infinite's upcoming Winter Update, which is due to go live on 8th November.

This free update will add the long-awaited campaign network co-op mode, as well as the official launch of the game's Forge beta (in case you missed it, some have already got their hands on it and have been creating some truly impressive reimaginings of games such as Ocarina of Time and PT within).

Halo Infinite's Winter Update overview.Watch on YouTube

In the campaign's upcoming co-op mode, you will be able to have a whirl around Halo Infinite's story with up to three other fellow Spartans. This will also be supported with the Mission Replay feature (finally), and 343 has revealed there will now be another 24 achievements to unlock in the game. As a reminder, this is not the local split-screen co-op, which the developer previously announced it had cancelled altogether.

Meanwhile, the upcoming Forge beta promises to allow players the chance to "unleash their creativity" with "thousands of new objects and countless new additions". This I can well believe, given the creativity we have already seen gracing the internet over the last few months.

As for the multiplayer side of things, this update will add two new maps for players to discover, known as Argyle and Detachment respectively. These maps were both forged in Forge.

There is also a new mode on its way called Covert One-Flag. This is the game's first Asymmetrical mode and will see players on the 'attacking' side graced with unlimited active camo, while those on the 'defence' will have threat sensors. 343 describes this mode as a"cat and mouse game".

A welcome change for many, this update will also offer XP just for playing the game. Previously, players would have to typically complete various challenges to level up.

Lastly, 343 is providing players with a 30-tier Battle Pass full of "really fun stuff", and two new events. The first of these will be held in December and the second in January.

You can watch the full overview video for Halo Infinite's Winter Update above.

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