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Zelda's Kokiri Forest recreated in Halo Infinite's Forge mode

The Legend of Zeta.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's iconic Kokiri Forest has been recreated in Halo Infinite's Forge mode.

YouTuber Red Nomster is known for creating Forge maps, but this might just be their best yet (as spotted by GamesRadar).

All the obvious features are included, from Link's house, to the item shop and the layout of tree houses and walkways.

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It even includes the opening of the Lost Woods complete with mysterious transitions. All that's missing is the Deku Tree itself.

What's more impressive are the small details that not only sell its faithfulness to the original, but the overall Zelda experience.

There are custom built items in the shop like a heart piece and deku nuts; a working mirror and other paraphernalia in Link's house; a shimmering glow to the grass; and a Rupee inside the rolling ball maze.

I made Zelda in Halo Infinite.Watch on YouTube

There's even a water pool, despite water not actually existing in Forge mode - it's all done through a combination of layers and effects.

Moreover, there are unique animations for climbing ladders and crawling through tunnels, as well as a working Navi substitute who gives the player a quest to "find the treasure". That's the Kokiri (energy) sword of course.

It really is an impressive use of resources that follows on from Red Nomster's Toy Story level and underwater exploration level.

Players have been creating in Forge mode for a while now, but it launches officially on 8th November. Check out Halo Waypoint for details.

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