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GTA 5's now sold a whopping 130m copies

Bless my stars.

If the recent crashing of the Epic Games Store wasn't enough to convince you of the ridiculous popularity of this nearly seven year-old game, maybe the latest sales figures will, as Take-Two has announced GTA 5 has now shifted 130m copies worldwide.

In Feburary earlier this year, Rockstar reported that 120m copies had been sold, meaning a further 10m copies were shifted in the last quarter. And that's before we even consider how many people downloaded it for free via the Epic Games Store.

For further context, one of the only paid games to have topped this number is Minecraft, which a couple of days ago reported it had sold 200m copies globally (via The Verge).

The new figures come from Take-Two's latest earnings report, which also details high numbers for other titles including Red Dead Redemption 2 (31m units) and The Outer Worlds (2.5m units). The latter, developed by Obsidian, has now become publisher Private Division's most successful title. Borderlands 3 outperformed Take-Two's expectations to sell over 10m copies, an increase of 50 per cent over its predecessor Borderlands 2 "in the same period".

As for the online portion of GTA 5, it's continuing to make bank for Take-Two, as the company reported its best ever monthly active users for GTA Online in July and August 2019, "and then grew sequentially each month" from December 2019 to March 2020. "This exceptional engagement helped to drive recurrent consumer spending growth of 87 per cent during the fourth quarter and 40 per cent for the full fiscal year, new records in both periods", CEO Strauss Zelnick added. It's likely we can expect to see those numbers go up even further now that GTA 5 is now claimable for free... and everyone is stuck indoors.