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Grand Theft Auto Online's content creator shown in new video

Unreleased mode found and filmed.

Rockstar's upcoming content creator for Grand Theft Auto Online has been discovered and accessed in the game's files.

The user who last week uncovered audio files referencing new casino, spying and racing gameplay features has now posted footage of the content creator in action.

The mode is currently unfinished, user Funmw2 wrote on YouTube, but includes options to create new races and deathmatches (thanks, MP1st).

It looks like there's a huge range of options for users to play with - race options include route, time of day, traffic, wanted levels, maximum players, race types, starting grid size, number of laps and what radio channel you want playing.

You can also add spawn points, weapons and stunt jumps.

Rockstar has yet to announce a date for GTA Online's content creator, but it is among the next named updates due for the GTA5 multiplayer mode.

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