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Gran Turismo 6 spoilercast

A different kind of spoiler.

Outside Xbox's Mike Channell and Martin Robinson (sorry, talking about myself in the third-person again) really like cars. Like, an awful lot - as you read this I'm off salivating over some vintage examples at Goodwood while Mike is an all likelihood poring over his gallery of pictures of Porsche 962s wondering which one will be his desktop image today.

Mike's already given you his take on Gran Turismo 6's handling, which has come on in leaps, bounds and newly-modelled suspension springs since last time out, making this one of the most convincing drives you can find on console right now. For our latest spoilercast, we both got together to pound out a few laps of the new Silverstone circuit, and to chat about what it is that could make Gran Turismo 6 a bit special when it comes out later this year. There's a video below where you can see our skills - or lack of them - on display, and for more traditional Austin Seven types there's an audio link at the foot of the page.

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