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Gorgeous gothic action-platformer Blasphemous gets big free update in August

New areas! Enemies! New Game Plus! More!

Blasphemous, developer The Game Kitchen's excellent 2D take on the Souls-like Metroidvania formula, is getting a sizeable chunk of free DLC on 4th August, introducing the likes of a New Game Plus mode, new story content, and more.

Blasphemous, which released last September, follows the tribulations of a pointy hatted fellow with a barbed-wire sword known as The Penitent One. His journey leads players across the accursed kingdom of Cvstodia, a desolate, but also lavishly presented - Blasphemous' art is frequently stunning - world of dark religious iconography, monsters, and encroaching madness.

It's all very Dark Souls in both tone and basic mechanics - expect the equivalent of rejuvenatory, world-resetting rest points and the like - but it features some wonderfully satisfying combat and exploration as players slowly unlock new areas of the labyrinthine kingdom, as well as some unforgettable imagery, and some genuinely intriguing lore.

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Blasphemous might not do anything particularly revelatory, but I had a grand old time with it last year, so a whole bunch of free more is entirely alright by me. And according to publisher Team 17's DLC announcement post, there's plenty to look forward to in the game's imminent update - which is titled Stir of Dawn - even if more granular details are still to come.

In terms of big additions, new storylines, areas, NPCs, enemies, and bosses are promised - all tied to The Penitent One's attempts to "awaken an ancestral power long since forgotten by the Miracle" - as is a New Game Plus mode. There's also a new Three Penitence system, as well as new items, and a new Executions and Counter attack mechanic.

It seems The Game Kitchen is leaving no stone unturned, and the developer will also be revisiting the core game to introduce new animations and level art work, a revamped map with more fast travel locations, further balance changes, and updated voice acting - the latter being a bit of a weak point in the original, so improvements are certainly welcome.

All this will come to PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch on 4th August as part of Blasphemous' free update, and The Game Kitchen says more will be revealed in the run-up to release.

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