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Blasphemous' final free expansion out now with a new ending leading into 2023's sequel

Plus new levels, bosses, and more.

Blasphemous, developer The Game Kitchen's superb gothic action-platformer, has reached the end of its current adventure, wrapping things up with a final free expansion, Wounds of Eventide, that's available now on all platforms.

Blasphemous, if you're unfamiliar, released to well-deserved acclaim back in 2019, sending players on a decidedly dark quest - a punishing, but deeply rewarding blend of 2D Souls-like and Metroidvania - that told the story of The Penitent One, a pointy hatted fellow with a barbed-wire sword, forced to venture across the accursed kingdom of Cvstodia.

It's a game packed with dark religious iconography and unforgettable monstrosities, all married to some fascinating world-building and gorgeously grim imagery. I am, it's fair to say, a bit of a fan, so it was a delight when The Game Kitchen expanded on Blasphemous' wonderful core with its first free DLC episode, The Stir of Dawn, the following year.

Blasphemous - Wounds of Eventide Trailer.Watch on YouTube

18 months on, The Game Kitchen is back once more, ready to bring the current chapter of The Penitent One's story to a close. Wounds of Eventide, Blasphemous' third and final post-launch content update (a second, featuring a Bloodstained crossover, launched earlier this year), is available now, introducing new levels, bosses, and items. Perhaps its most interesting addition, however, is a brand-new ending that sets things in motion for Blasphemous' recently announced sequel, which is due to arrive in 2023.

The Game Kitchen is understandably being a little coy when it comes to specifics around Wounds of Eventide's climactic happenings, but says players will need to [spoiler] Find the tomb of Perpetva in Echoes of Salt before fighting Esdras [/spoiler] in order to kickstart the events of its latest DLC and reach the new, "true" ending. It also warns that, due to the way the new events sequence is accessed, late-game saves made prior to Wounds of Eventide may not be able to see all new content, so a replay is advised.

Blasphemous' new update is available now on Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

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