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Gone Home gets Commentary Mode as a free update

Sleater Kinney's Corin Tucker is in the mix.

First-person exploration mystery Gone Home has received a Commentary Mode as a free update.

Steve Gaynor kickin' it with Riot Grrrl legend Corin Tucker in what will no doubt become his new Facebook profile pic.

This adds audio commentary by the four folks at developer The Fullbright Company, lead actress Sarah Grayson, composer Chris Remo (of Thirty Flights of Loving and Gravity Bone fame), and Sleater Kinney lead singer Corin Tucker whose music from her previous band Heavens to Betsy is featured heavily in the game.

Amusingly, Fullbright's creative director Steve Gaynor told me that he recorded Tucker's audio with her in a quiet study room in Portland Public Library because he was afraid that inviting her to his house would seem too creepy (made more so by the company's work space being in the basement).

To commemorate this new feature, Gone Home is on sale for 50 per cent off for the next 48 hours, bringing the price to £7.49 / $9.99, marked down from its usual £14.99 / $19.99.

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