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Gone Home developer's Tacoma delayed to spring 2017

Needs more space.

Tacoma, the next project from Gone Home developer Fullbright, will now launch in spring 2017.

The story-based sci-fi game had previously been slated for a mid-to-late 2016 arrival on PC and Xbox One - a date which Fullbright has now decided was simply too soon for the amount of work it had left to do.

Specifically, the game received a lot of work after its unveiling last summer in response to early feedback. Tacoma is set on a deep-space facility without gravity, something which had to feel right, Fullbright has said.

The Portland, Oregon-based indie has also rethought how players will discover Tacoma's story so it is "fundamentally different" to other games it has worked on in the past.

Tacoma will be less like a Gone Home set in space, then, but something more original.

"Long story short, we've had to push out our original schedule," Fullbright wrote on the studio's Tumblr blog.

"We'd originally planned mid-to-late 2016, so we're giving ourselves an additional 6+ months, to land in Spring 2017. We're currently polishing up a sample of our newly-minted alterations to the core game into something showable that we'll be showing the world this coming summer."

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